Ken Holz and his son Jason, has lead the charge to maintain and continue with the earning of funds for our club's scholarship fund raising.
                                                                                              2016 SCHOLARSHIP AUCTION

     Once again we will holding an auction to raise funds for the Upper Midwest AC Scholarship.  Details on applying for the scholarship can be found elsewhere in the newsletter, as well as on the website.  This year we made some items to offer at Auction on Saturday evening at 8:00 PM at the Tractor Pull. 

     We are offering opportunities to purchase sponsorships for the 2016 Scholarship Auction. A garden tractor to be auctioned off at our 25th Anniversary Show.  We will be restoring an Allis Chalmers B-12, which will be 50 years old, this year.  The B-12’s, along with the late B-10’s were only made in 1966.  The B-12 is easily recognized with the wider front tires, the “Bumble Bee” decal, and the unique seat.  Sponsorships will be available from $5 and up.

     We will see you at the Auction, July 23, in the Grandstands at The 2016 Orange Spectacular, Hutchinson, MN.

     On behalf of the Scholarship Committee, thanks for your past, and continued support.

                                                                                                          Ken Holz

Below is a picture of the 2016 Scholarship Lawn Tractor before sponsored restoration

Do you want your name on this lawn tractor shown above, after the restoration? Buy a ticket as shown below. You can give donations in $5.00 increments for sponsorship.  Any questions, please call Ken Holz at (651) 437-8786. We appreciate your support!


Below are some pictures of the 2015's Scholarship Fund Raising

2015 Scholarship auctioned off the two (2) hay wagons built by Ken and Jason Holz


Below are some pictures of the restoration of 2014's Scholarship Pedal Tractor




Scholarship   Name:

Upper  Midwest A-C Club Scholarship Program

Short   Description:

To   show their support for the future of agriculture, the Upper Midwest A-C Club  has offered the following scholarship

Long   Description:

The Upper Midwest A-C   Club Scholarship was created to honor the memory of the Allis-Chalmers   agricultural and industrial division involvement to help make our world   stronger and its promotion of the growth of agriculture world-wide, honor   those courageous and adventuresome pioneer men and women who played such an important   role in the founding of this nation and encourage the present generation to   continue their education in agricultural pursuits.

Based   on the number of applicants, the Club’s awarding a total of all presented winners will be a total of $500 in scholarships to students pursuing degrees   in related agricultural programs who are committed to a future working in and   enhancing the agricultural culture as they are likely to excel in academics,   leadership, and community service.

An  example of awarding “a total of $500 in scholarships”:

  •   One (1) person applies for a scholarship and is awarded   the scholarship, that person has earned $500.00.
  •   If two (2) eligible applicants are awarded a   scholarship, each will receive a scholarship in the amount of $250.00
  •   And so on with awarding applicants.


Upper Midwest A-C Club Scholarship Guidelines

Needs to be attending an educational college (University, Technical College, trade school and Community College) for at least a one (1) year training program.

 Scholarships shall be awarded to students/undergraduates pursuing agriculture-related education at an accredited institution.

 The applicants degree can be earning a vocational diploma, “one year diploma”, associate degree or a undergraduate of a bachelor through PhD degree

 The applicant is evident of leadership, character and integrity

 Needs to be registered for as full-time student in good standing

 Needs be earning at least a cumulative 3.0 GPA or higher upon completion of first semester and continuing into second semester.

 Preference will be given to applicants whose parents or grandparents are present Upper Midwest A-C Club dues-paying members

 Applicants 18 years of age and older should be come members of the Upper Midwest A-C Club (there is a small fee) so that they can stay up-to-date on all of the information pertaining to the scholarship.

 Committee needs transcripts, for proof of registration, of first semester attendance and GPA

 Financial ability or status shall not be taken into account in the granting of a  scholarship

 Students must be a citizen of the United States of America to be eligible for the Upper Midwest A-C Club scholarship awards. International students studying in the United States are not eligible.

 How do I apply for the Upper Midwest A-C Scholarship? Scholarship applications are available at the Upper Midwest A-C Club’s website at

What is require of myself, once when I apply?
An essay – 300-500 words describing how the student perceives the future of agriculture and why he or she is seeking to be a part of the industry

 An interview – Based on the student’s application, interests and essay. Interviews will be conducted during the Orange Spectacular at pre-scheduled times.

Include Community Service – Involvement in activities outside the student’s education-related activities

 Include Student Group Activities – Involvement within the student’s education-related activities

.Each application will be reviewed on their own merit.

 Applicant is required to be attending an agricultural related program. If enrollment is questionable, the Scholarship Committee may ask the Board of Directors for direction/clarification is the applicant is earning an agriculture.

Upper Midwest A-C Club Scholarship Application

Scholarship Name:

Upper Midwest A-C Club Scholarship Program

Short Description:

To show their support for the future of agriculture, the Upper Midwest A-C Club has offered the following scholarship


Address: _______________________________________________________


Zip Code:_______________ Phone Number:(______)_______- ___________

Your age is ______  Are you are citizen of the United States of America? ______

What is your major? ______________________________________________

Are you minoring in another subject? __________________________________

What educational institute are you attending? ___________________________

What is your most recent G.P.A. ______________________________________

Place an “X” in the appropriate space(s)

The program is a _____ University, ______Technical College or a trade school, or

________ Community College _______ Private College

How long is the program? ____ 9 months  _____ 1 year _____ 2year ______ 4 year

The degree you will graduate with _______Vocational Diploma ______ Associate degree                                        

______ Undergraduate ______ Graduate________ Bachelor Degree _______Doctorate

List your participation in any leadership roles:_____________________________

List any community service you have performed: ___________________________


List any Involvement in activities outside of your education-related activities: _______




List any Student Group Activities. This would be your Involvement within your education

related activities: ______________________________________________________




Are your parents or grandparents present members? _________

List your parents or grandparents names _________________________________

Before sending in your application, please complete the following:

* Please include an official transcripts of first semester attendance and GPA


* Please develop an essay consisting of 300-500 words describing how you perceive the future of agriculture and why you are seeking to be a part of the industry.


Later, if accepted, you will be interviewed by the Scholarship Committee based on your application, interests and essay. Interviews will be conducted during the Orange Spectacular at pre-scheduled times.

The Upper Midwest A-C Club appreciates your interest in the scholarship which it is providing.

Please send your material to:

Randy Larson

4573 110th St.

Chippewa Falls, WI  54729