Upper Midwest A-C Club Board Members:


President Randy Larson

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Vice President Bob Paulson


Secretary Aaron Barneson



August 25 - Your board of directors meet at in Maple Grove, MN this last Saturday. We meet at the Cat plant, which we toured after our meeting. This plant is where dirt packers and asphalt rollers are manufactured...very interesting....Thanks to Terry Nowak, director of the board, scheduled this interesting tour. Your directors discussed the Orange Spectacular 2014 AND discussed new activities for the 24th Orange Spectacular.

On August 13th - Snap Coupler patent was submitted.  Willard Tanke, submitted the design that would eventually be trademarked Snap-Coupler. Wendelin "Shorty" Voegeli submitted his patent of a tractor hitching mechanism the same day as Tanke, August 13,1953.

According to the wording in the patent, the coupling device released from the stud journal when under tension. The coupling would detach from the stud journal if the implement tongue detached from the bell under the tractor, preventing the implement from swinging up and injuring the operator. To unlatch the implement the operator released the implement tongue under the tractor and drove away. The tension put on the coupler would automatically release it from the stud journal.

Voegeli's design sheds some light on other implement latching mechanisms Allis-Chalmers engineers were designing. Mr. Voegeli passed away in 2011, taking the background information of his design with him. It would have been interesting to know why the design was passed on for Tanke's. If there is any information on the latching mechanism I would be very curious to know more about it. It makes me wonder how Allis-Chalmers decided to go with the Snap-Coupler design it did...per Austin Fredrick - http://austinfrederick.wordpress.com/2013/04/07/snap-coupler-hitch-system/ 

August 7 - You may have heard the toys are in the mail or you may have received your new Model 100 combine. We hope you have a new toy which is not broken. We have had about ten (10) calls regarding broken toys. The majority of these ten (10) have a part broken on the unloading auger due to the manufacture's packing procedures. If you find that yours has a broken part, please contact:  Spec-Cast...(800) 844-8067 extension 248...and let Angel know your problem. She will take care of the issue. We are sorry for any inconveniences this has created. Due to uncontrolled circumstances, we apologize for any issues you have experienced. For more information regarding the Longshoreman strike, please read at  http://www.ilwu.org/  International Longshore and Warehouse Union.

August 2 - Check out the "2014 Overhead View" page. Wayne Stoddard has done an awesome job in making many. many videos with his overview video camera! He made so many, I am still loading up videos! Keep checking this overhead view page for more unique views....."Thank you Wayne!"

August 1st - Check the "Classified Ads" if you are looking for a 185!

August 1st -

Here is a very special pedal tractor. This One-Ninety bar grill pedal tractor was restored by Ken and Jason Holz to benefit the Upper Midwest Scholarship Fund. The tractor was auctioned off, during the middle of the tractor pull, on Saturday night. I will have more of a story about our buyer, from Ohio, later and in the newsletter. This pedal tractor sold for $1550.00. Our club and Scholarship Committee would like to express our appreciation to EVERYONE who placed any sort of a bid on this fund raiser. Ken and Jason....."THANK YOU for your skills in restoring this pedal tractor...outstanding!"

July 31 - Did you have a chance to see the cake pans and cutting boards during the show? You still have a chance to order these unique and desired items.

Cake pan with a choice of lid will cost $40.00 plus shipping               Cutting board will cost $25.00 plus shipping

If interested to placing an order, please give Rhonda a call (715) 723-1908 before Wednesday, August 6th, as she will be placing an order to fulfill the orders made during the Orange Spectacular.

July 30 - Many visitors from all over the U.S.A. came to spend time with Allis-Chalmers friends

July 30 - Many visitors had a good time...The Orange Spectacular is family minded.

Friday morning was wet due to rain at 4 a.m. but that did not dampen the spirits of many guest and friends attending the show. The field demos were delayed a couple hours but eventually they completed the daily field demonstrations

July 29 - Our first place winner picked up his D 14 today,

We loaded Mitch Pfaff's tractor in the rain today. Mitch has a Farmall M and has a five (5) acre hobby farm around the Alma Center/Hixton WI. area. Mitch bought his winning ticket #78 at the Owatonna Farm Show. Mitch told us he could not wait to get home, hook up a hay wagon and drive the unit around. He hopes to take it to the Jackson County Fair, this weekend, too. Congratulations Mitch