Upper Midwest A-C Club Board Members:


President Randy Larson

Vice President Bob Paulson

Secretary Aaron Barneson

Treasurer  Larry Karg

Director Joe Graunke

Director Lynn Bushard

Director Matt Wosmek

Director Terry Nowak


Director Tom Foss





August 26 - All of the overhead videos, which Wayne Stoddard had taken have been all posted on the webside under the side bar link of "2015 Overhead Videos".

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the website may not be updated as often as you have been accustomed to. Sorry for the temporary inconvenience.

To each of you volunteers who helped, in any way, to help make the 2015 Orange Spectacular a huge success..."THANK YOU for your volunteered time you gave to the show...Your help was much appreciated!" 

You also may enjoy this website which I just found http://www.captureminnesota.com/users/jogtrot  Carol Spies, our show's photographer has made and awesome album of the Orange Spectacular...."Nice job Carol. Thank you for your talent!!"  Enjoy the pictures and her wonderful talents!!

August 23 - Many videos have been added to the website...check out the links on the side for the 2015 videos....enjoy and THANKS to Wayne Stoddard for his talent to show us what his drone saw overhead!!!!

August 19 - Whew, it was a HOT tractor show at Turtle Lake....Joe Graunke stated there were over 200 Allis-Chalmers! Nice job Moon Lake Threshermen's Assoc.

I have added new pictures on the "2015 Orange Spectacular Pictures" on the side of this page


August 9 - Almost "recovered" from this year's show and I REALLY need to let you all know some of this years stats and share MANY pictures with you all.

ARE you going to the Gathering this coming weekend??? Stop by at the Golat Implement (of Conrath, WI) Reunion tent. The Upper Midwest A-C Club will have a Allis-Chalmers 5050  FWA (2012's show toy) drawing. Stop by and drop your name into the box. Drawing will be held at Sunday at 2:00 p.m. Don't need to be present to win. Stop and see some of the tractors which were bought from the dealership and other memorabilia. This is the dealership I grew up near, in my younger years. The Golat family will be there to share past year information and memories you may have of the dealership.  See you there!

August 1 - Planning on attending the Gathering of the Orange, southeast of Turtle Lake, Wisconsin? Look at their website for more information http://moonlakeshow.org/  Also, the club is asking you pre-register your tractors Click on this link  http://moonlakeshow.org/participation/   and scroll down to "Show your orange tractor"  and fill out the PDF form, as soon as possible....Send form to Joe Graunke! Click on this link...http://moonlakeshow.org/, scroll down, looking at the left side and download the show's poster and see more details.

Also, their club is looking for some help driving the people movers on FRIDAY and SUNDAY. The tractors you would be driving are BRAND NEW and open stations. Interested?? Please contact julwhite@frontiernet.net or phone Tom at (715) 781.5566 OR contact Tim Sollman (715) 641-1057 or an email cliprfix@amerytel.net. for details. Let's show them how the Upper Midwest A-C Club comes together and helps out!

August 9 - Attendance information           Friday  2091     Saturday  7156         Sunday  1873           Total    11,120

            Tractors 218               Lawn and Garden 125        Crawlers 6        Industrials 10        Other 18     Truck 1

August 9 - Pictures of the 2015 Orange Spectacular

Living history of the All-Crop Harvester seminar

Roto baler lineup

Many guests watch the Kiddie Pull

Many guests head out to the field demos!

Field demos include the dozers working

More dirt work demos happening

Pictured here are a few of the many garden tractors which demonstrated plowing

Using a snap-coupler field cultivator

Plowing with a D21

More plowing


Combining with other models. The wheat was heavy and thick this year.

Square baling the straw with a thrower

Roto baling

Picking up roto bales

And more square baling


July 28 - we have another survey for you......please click on the link.....thank you for your time! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/8DVCFDC


      There is much conversation during set-up so it is fun for set-up and for the tear-down. My goal next year....Let's be all set-up by Thursday noon so we can relax in the afternoon. Your help would be much appreciated. All placement of items are all laid out in a map an explained what goes where...easy jobs with many helpers.




It didn't rain yesterday, so we were able to plow the east field and combine and bale straw on the far west field. When the crowd started to arrive in the east field we noticed some of the east field had been plowed. Come to find out, the newly formed "Twilight Tillage Team" went out plowing the night before to clean up their plow shares. The "Twilight Tillage Team" was a few of the lawn and garden tractor owners who plowed the night before and finshied using the tractor's headlights. They had to have plowed at least 4-5 acres......it all has to do with fun at the Orange Spectacular!

People are so excited to be here...tailgating in the parking lot with friends and family too...

As you walk the grounds, you may come across Rick, Tammy, and Josh Van Tyl's camper.

You need to check this camper out...it is all done in an Allis-Chalmers theme! And then you see the goodies on the tables...yummy!! "Thanks" to the Van Tyl's for your treats!

The dyno was used. Bob Rodda of Duluth, MN with his D21......Read the top scale

The crowd starts to gather....Results are posted

Many more tractors "rolled" in yesterday!  The trailer parking was full.....BUT we found more room. The parking lots were full, but we found a few "secret" parking places....the Swap Meet was full, but we found some other spots (non-typical) for sales....it all worked out just fine!

Plan to come today AND by 3:30 p.m., someone will be winning a tractor or $4000 dollars for 1st place, $1500 for 2nd, and a $1000 for 3rd.....come and support the Orange Spectacular by buying a $2.00 ticket.

July 25 - What a first day!!!! Attendance - around 2100. Started out a  bit wet as light rain showers moved through until around 7:30 a.m. It stayed cloudy and overcast for most of the morning....then the sun came out about 12 noon. There were reports Hutchinson received about one (1) inch of rain which really didn't slow down the combining of the wheat, baling the straw and hay. Plowing was not done yesterday, but today our guests will be able to plow more as they have yesterday's and today's field to plow. So the lawn and garden tractors will demonstrate different dirt attachments along with the farm tractors.

After lunch the weather turned warmer and bit sticky....but the parking lot was busy as cars came and went. Our Swap meet is "full"....last year we had (ninety) 90 spots. This year Doug had laid one-hundred ten (110) spots....as of last night only one (1) was available....BUT he will make overflow if needed! There is a lot of parts out there!

Our tractor display is already larger than last year....we will have to see how much we grow today!

Snap coupler seminar                                               Come and watch the field demos and have a vanilla shake!

 Don't just think about coming, get in your vehicle and come to Hutchinson and see the 24th Orange Spectacular.

Tractor ride last night had about twenty-eight (28) tractors with two (2) FULL people movers

Tractor Ride drivers meeting at the show grounds gate                              A new field demo operator

Main Street, downtown Hutchinson during Friday night's tractor ride

July 24 - Welcome to the 24th annual Orange Spectacular! It has been a lot of time and work to set-up.....and now it is time to welcome our guests. We have had some rain over night. This WILL change the schedule to field demos!! Other activities are on schedule. Our Children Activities will have some changes...Rita, our Children Activities Coordinator, has had a family emergency. He father has falling very ill and is intensive care....PLEASE accept our apologies for any changes this may create with your children. We especially want to keep Rita, her family and father in our prayers for a speedy recovery......

The rain has dampened the dust here, but later today, the forecast is predicting a high in the 80's or warmer....the show WILL go on.

Next year we celebrate our 25 years....make it a family a affair and come a couple of days early to help set-up and enjoy the family and meet new friends. With some assistance, we can have these show grounds whipped into shape by the Thursday before the show!


July 13 - ATTENTION QUILTERS....If you or anyone is interested in participating in the 2016 Orange Spectacular Quilt Show...check out our page and plan to compete in the 1st annual quilt show during the 2016 Orange Spectacular....Our 25th Orange Spectacular Show. Click the link and check out all of the details!!!!   http://www.orangespectacular.com/quiltshowandrules.html


July 12 - I have created and posted a survey, if you could, please take a moment and fill it out. It helps us plan for the future and feedback to our purpose.  Please click on the link .....https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/CW227TT  Thank you for your time!             


Febraury 15 - Look...Plan....Attend....
                                                                      38th ANNUAL
                                                                        OLD TIME
                                                                     THRESHING BEE

                                          Featuring Allis-Chalmers Tractors and Equipment

                                                 Saturday & Sunday - September 12 - 13, 2015

                                                               Pierce County Fairgrounds
                                                                      Pierce, Nebraska

                                               An Allis-Chalmers D14 will be a raffle tractor

                                                                 For More Information Call:
                                                        Elwood & Marilyn Meier at 402-329-4245
                                                                Mike Kroupa at 402-329-6929

February 1st - Where are they?? As the Upper Midwest A-C Club prepares to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Orange Spectacular, we are looking at special events (we need your ideas too). So to help celebrate this milestone, the club would like to find the winners of OR the present owner of our past raffle tractors. It will be quite a feat, but have as many if not all, of the past raffle tractors on the showgrounds on the 4th weekend of July 2016. We need your help....do you know the following winners or do you know where the following winners/tractors are?
Show of 1994 - The “B” raffle tractor was won by Bill Becker of Foristell, Missouri

Show of 1995 - 1944 “C” Allis-Chalmers - Ted Nichols of Elk River, MN. Was called by phone

Show of 1996 - CA Allis, Anton Peltzer of Ramsey, MN

Show of 1997 - Raffle tractor “G” – Ray and Lois Tuma, Lonsdale, MN

Show of 1999 - D- 12 – Glenn Sider, Canada

Show of 2000 - 1959 D-10 - Nancy Dobratz - Watertown, MN

Show of 2003 - WD 45 Diesel Tractor, Philip Lewis – Louisville, IL

Show of 2005 - AC D-17, Duane Campbell, Currie, MN

Show of 2007 - AC 1952 IB, Has been sold to Chuck Smith, Oelwien, IA

Show of 2009 - AC 1962 D-10 Series II, Douglas Anderson, Finland,MN

Show of 2010 - Series II, D-15, Brandon Bursack - Canby, MN

If you know any of the above posted winners OR where the past raffle tractors are...PLEASE, contact me as soon possible, so we can plan to coordinate to have these tractors on the grounds for display in 2016. Contact me by phone at (715) 723-1908 or at  rlarson@orangespectacular.com  . As for winners not posted, I have their contact information available. I plan to personally invite them to attend our 2016 show and bring their prized possessions, including the raffle tractor of that year. We appreciate your cooperation and assistance!

 January 20 - Ladies....we have a quilt contest coming up! We will be featuring AND displaying the competing quilts at the 2016 (our 25th Anniversary) Orange Spectacular show. Intersted in making a quilt and being part of this exciting event? Please see the details on the side menu and click on the like "2016 Quilt Show and Rules". It is just not quilts...there are OTHER CATEGORIES, too!!!! Check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2016 has become closer to becoming reality....July 2016 is the Orange Specatacular's 25th Anniversary....Your board of directors wants to make this 25th show to be a real milestone!!!!  Can you help with making the 25th a huge success? Let me know if you could help take on a couple of activities/ideas for coordination?  We are looking for an Anniversary Committee to come to together, come up with ideas, designate respondsibilites to other assistants, etc...  Communication with this committee can be done with email and phone calls....I would be MORE THAN HAPPY to assist the Anniversary Committee in any guidance....we are only a 1 year away....